ESEM is a consortium of people involved in biomedical education all over Europe. The organisation is non-profit.

It is a restart of the "European Society of Engineering and Medicine" which was dissolved in 2015. This old ESEM did organize summer-schools, European masters programs, published educational material (Basic Engineering for Medics and Biologists) and more.

The new ESEM will do some of the same things, but focus purely on educational purposes. The goal and vision of our effort is to enhance the education in Biomedical Engineering in Europe and help to develop new generations of Biomedical Engineers. There are great challenges waiting for our society and many of those are directly related to our fields of work. Furthermore, we strongly believe that both - scientific and social progress can only happen for Europeans through a European approach.

The journal "Technology and Health Care" is the official scientific organ of ESEM.

The ESEM Board

Vilma Gaubaite

gaubaite-vilmaVilnius Gediminas Technical University
Knowledge and Technology Transfer Centre
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Julius Griškevičius (Secretary General)

griskevicius-juliusVilnius Gediminas Technical University
Biomechanics Research Unit 
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Amaya Méndez Zorrilla

ZORILLA-Amaya-MendezUniversity of Deusto
Faculty of Engineering
San Sebastian
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Bart Verkerke

Anne Heurtier

Laboratoire Angevin de Recherche en Ingénierie des Systèmes (LARIS)
Université d'Angers
Institut Universitaire de Technologie
Département GEII